segunda-feira, outubro 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Hady!!!!

I wish all your dreams come true
I wish your new year of life brings all the happiness and love that you much deserve
I wish you can watch all the soccer games that you're able to
And eat all the Pasteis de Belém that I can cook in one day
Wish that you're dream to run pelado na praia one day come finally true
I wish that Velho Tarado e Viado Favelado finally make the TV (and Horário Nobre)
And that your song creations turn out to be the biggest hits ever
I wish you can beat my record on Blocks (hehehe)
And finally finish reading all the books that you have on the bookshelf (I wish this for me too)
I wish you get to travel all around the world, the way you dream
And you get your dream job
The one that will allow you to sit at the beach and scream: Mulher traz a cerveja!
But most of all I wish you to be happy, healthy, peacefull and loved
Because you deserve to have everything YOU WISH!
Love you my dear

2 comentários:

2much-ice disse...



Feliz aniversário p/ marido e que vcs sejam a cada ano mais e mais felizes com todas as realizações possíveis e impossíveis, hahahaha.

Mulher traz a cerveja foi ÓTEMO!

Ninha e Do

Elis disse...

Parabens pra ele e pra vc,ne?


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